Jay Dixon
It's Not For You
Adding and Subtracting From The Word
Wisdom: Beyond Compare
Hard And Judgemental Preaching
The LORD'S Supper; When? How Often?
Preach The Message I Give You
What Does True Love Look Like?
Finding Grace In GOD'S Sight
Firstfruits, Faith and Obedience
The Appeal Of The Forbidden Tree
How Are We Spending Our Time?
Left Or Right?
Continue In The Truth Of The Gospel
Which Church Should I Chose?
Unity Yields Faith
Do It With All Your Might
Loyal Unto Death
Lord Open Our Eyes
The 3 Most Challenging Hours Of The Week
A Great Door Has Opened
Do You Really Want To Be Saved
Obedience, Sacrifice And Faith
Let Not Death Be Found In Our Pot
Be Diligent In Receiving The Word Of Truth
Desire Is Not Enough For Church Growth
No One Wins With Sin
The Dangers Of Self-Pity
The Revealing Power Of GOD'S Word
The Seed Is The Word
My Window
It's Not About Us
Blessed Beyond Measure
Proving Our Faith Amidst Trials
Reject Those Who Cause Division
Conforming Or Transforming
Choose Ye This Day
Will They Know GOD?
Given In A Spirit Of Love
GOD'S High Standard For A Shepherd
Righteous Rejoicing
Rely On God
Looking For Home
Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit
Blessed Are those Who Mourn
Beyond The Stain Of Sin
It Shall Be Just As We Have Been Told
Beware Of Evil Influence
Unspotted From The World
Taking An Interest In The Eldership
Just About But Not Quite
Learning From Our Spiritual Ancestors
Some Thoughts About Baptism
He Almost Got It Right
How Important Is Truth?
Resolutions Now
Stop And Think
David Hankins (Hank)
But The Bible Says                   
Decisions and Consequences
If There Is A God, Then Why?
Doug Byers
The Fiery Serpent And The Cross
Pierce My Ear
1. The Bible From God To Man
2. The Transmission Record of The New
3. Tools of The Textual Critic
4.  The Greek Text Behind The Versions
5.  Which Version
Anthony Lawrence
Ownership In Heaven
How We Got The Bible
Allen Dvorak
Chase Byers
Why Should I Care to Personally