University Church of Christ
Thank you visiting our web-site. If you are considering visiting with us, we would like thank you in advance
and want you to know that you will be our honored guest. We are simply a local Body of Christians located in
Richmond, Ky who love the Lord and seek Bible Authority for all that we do. It is our desire to grow closer to
the Lord so that we may call heaven our home when this life is over. You will find that our worship to be a
representation of the New Testament standard. Each Sunday morning, we assemble at 9:30 am to study from
God’s Word. We have different age classes for children as well as an adult class in the auditorium. Beginning
at 10:20 am, we assemble to worship our Heavenly Father. During this worship assembly as Christians, we
partake of the Lord's Supper and spend time remembering our Saviors death upon the cross, 1st Corinthians
11: 23-29, Acts 20:7. As a congregation, we praise our Lord in song teaching and admonishing one another
Ephesians 5:19. We also take this opportunity to pray together 1st Thessalonians 5:17. As regular members of
this local work we give as the Lord has prospered us, making this offering to support the work of the Lord in
what ever means scripturally possible, 1st Corinthians 16:1-2. In addition to these acts of worships, we spend
time in the study of God’s Word.  Sunday evenings we again assemble at 4:00 pm for another opportunity to
worship God.  Wednesday evenings, we meet together for further worship and opportunity to study. It our
goal to focus on the Word of God and growing  spiritually in the truth. We are not opposed to entertainment
and clean fun out side of our worship assemblies, however when we come together to worship God, we direct
our focus and attention   toward His Word and showing Him the reverence and respect that He deserves.   If
you have never submitted your life to Christ, the Gospel plan of salvation is very simple: The Bible teaches
that we must believe, Hebrews 11:6 without faith it is impossible to please him. This faith must come from
hearing the Word of God  Romans 10:17. The Word of God teaches that we must repent, Luke 13:3 reveals to
us that unless we make a change we will perish. We also must be willing to Confess Jesus Christ as the Son of
God Romans 10:9,10 Matthew 16:16.  Finally we must buried with Him in baptism Mark 16:16, Romans 6:3-4. If
we can assist you in obeying or if you would like further study please don't hesitate to contact us. We would
love to study together and will always listen as we study. The goal is to obtain a home in eternity with God. We
certainly do not claim to  have all the answers but the Bible does. 2nd Timothy 3:16, 17. Please make the time  
to come and visit with us. You will be welcomed.  
The University Church of Christ
Our Worship
Book, Chapter
and Verse
1st Peter 4:11
Teach, edify and
admonish one
another in Song
Colossians 3:16
Ephesians 5:19
Praise, Thanks
and Appeal to
God in Prayer
1st Thess 5:17
James 1:5-7
Remember The
Perfect Sacrifice
of Jesus Christ By
Partaking of the
Lord's Supper
Each 1st Day of
the week.
Acts 20:7
1st Corinthians
Cheerfully  Give  
each 1st day of the
week as The Lord
has Prospered  us
for the
furtherance of the
Lord's Work.
1st Corinthians
2nd Corinthians
We offer Bible classes for all ages.

Bible Classes Schedule:

Sun Morning Adult: "The Manifold Wisdom of GOD"
Different Teachers...

Sun Morning Children: Various Subjects
D.J. Hoover, Julia Dixon
Loraine George, Becky Hoover

Wed Evening Adult: Genesis
(Jody Angel)

Wed Evening College Age: Social Dangers
(Jay Dixon)

Wed Evening Children:  
D.J. Hoover, Anthony Lawrence, Becky
Foster,Julia Dixon, Tiffany Baker