Audio Sermons
Brandon Nolan
The Christians Tool Box
Mike Hoover
Who I Am

Walking In The Fear Of God
Charlie Blevins
Is The Bible True
Letting Your Light Shine
Lawrence Kelley
Christ In Colossians
Your Are Complete In Christ
The New Life In Christ
The Family In Christ
Walking With The Dinosaurs
Jack Patterson
Agony Of Christ
Josh McKibben
Bare Minimum Christianity
It's Your Life
John Purdy
An Encounter With Christ
Faith In Action
Dan Byers
Evangelism In Africa Audio
Power Point
Jody Angel
Sermon On The Mount
The Plan Of Salvation
Love Defined
Mark Pape
The Divine Order Of
Unto What Then Were You
What it Means To Be In
Keith Greer
The Love Of God
Wayne Galloway
The Religion of Idolatry
David Lanius
True Preaching Acts 2
Doug Byers
Rodney Pitts
We Must Change To Be
What Would A Drowning
Man Do ?
Opening Our Eyes
Change Is A Slow Process
The Heart Of A Soul Winner
Christians and Work
John The Baptist
Jim Hardy

"No Dan"
Michael Bruner
Doug Byers
College Age Lectures
J.T. Eversole
Kyle Withers
Allen Shepherd
Jesus and Pilate
China and The Bible
Intro To The Bible
The Plan of Salvation
Compromising With Satan
Where Was Jesus
Shawn Bain
Building Godly Marriages
Oneness In Marriage
Marriage In A Busy World
Spiritual Intimacy In Marriage
Marriage and Communication
Eph 4 and Conflict In Marriage
Roger Bruner
The Foundation
Jason Pieratt
Mark 16
Equipping The Saints
If The Lord Doesn't Come
Back Today
Monty Absher
7 Signs From John



Characteristics Of Peter

The Brass Serpent
Kyle Withers, Chase Byers
Doug Byers
Examining Sin
Where Are We Going
My Funeral

"The Fear Of God"
God's Purpose For Me
J.R. Bronger
Reverence For God
Majesty Of God
Reverence You Can't Fake It
Reverence and My Life
Reverence The Substance of
Reverence and My Bible
The Like Figure
Great Lessons From
O.T. Characters
Mike Noble
King Rehoboam
King Jehoiakim
King Asa
Eddie Pagan
Sid Latham
Rodney Barnes
We Are At War
Excited About Worship
Chris Coffey
Kyle Withers
Special Series
Wilson Adams
Where Is God
When I Hurt?
The Truth About Trials
Searching For Sense In Tragedy
In God We Trust
Lord Do You Not Care?
Finding Hope For Tomorrow
How Can A Christian  Be
Like Christ
Alan Cornett
One Heart
A Fathers 2 Lost Sons
God The Creator
God The Ruler
God The Redeemer
Garland Deaton
Daniel 4
Jesus The Reason
Obeying God's Precepts
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Abhorring  Evil
Psalm 51

"Pierce My Ear"

Jay Dixon
Our Life Is A Sermon
Austin Popplewell
Robert Speer
The Exactitude Of God
Make Your Calling And
Election Sure
Tell Me The Story Of Jesus
Anthony Lawrence
Make Haste And
Come Down
Seasoned With Salt
Tim Shepherd
Am I Honest
If Jesus Came To Your
Things That Hinder Church
The Bibles Claim
The Conversion Of Saul
The Judges
Cloyce Sutton
An Introduction To The Book Of

Othniel,Ehud& Shamgar

Deborah & Barak
Mark McCrary
Greg Litmer
Tim Wells
Our Duty To Evangelize
Kyle Blevins
Building Up The Body
Caring For The Poor

Accomplish The Impossible
Teaching The Lost
Anticipating Heaven
Phillip Keathly
Teaching Others
Steve Patterson
Daniel 6
Josh McKibben
Donnie Oliver
A World Divided

"How Readest Thou?"

"Out Of The Same Mouth"

"We Have Access"
Danny McKibben
Jerid Gunter
"In Christ Alone"
To God Be The Glory
1. No Condemnation In Christ
2. Joy In Christ
3. Being A Message
4. Pushing Forward In 2015
Danny Allen
Walking In Christ
What Did Jesus Say
Desire And Commitment

The Lord Is My Shepherd

A Crown of Thorns
Jay Dixon
Titus Series

A Bishop Must Be Blameless
(Titus 1:5-6)

A Bishop Must Not Be...
(Titus 1:6-7)

A Bishop Must Be...
Titus 1:8

Holding Fast The Faithful Word
Titus 1:9-16

Worthy Of Respect Titus 2:1-3

The Aged Women Likewise...
Titus 2:3-5

Be Consistent Titus 2:6-8

Saving Grace Titus 2:9-15

Remind Them Titus 3:1-7

Maintain Good Works      (Titus
Does God Really Answer
What's In A Name - A Study
Of Peter

Faithful Unto Death

By Faith...

Walking In The Spirit

Self Reflection

A Reading Of James

The Beatitudes

A Reading Of 1 John

Whatsoever He Saith, Do It

Commitment To The LORD

I Will Follow Jesus

A Reading Of John 13-17

Lessons From The Sermon
On The Mount

The Awesome Love Of God
"Jesus And The Leper"
J.R. Bronger
2015 Gospel Meeting
Do You Want To Be Made Well?
Bad Decisions Of A Good Man
It Doesn't Make Sense
Living By Faith
A Family Record
Are You Watching?
Your Life's Story

No One Cares

Luke, The Physician
The Body Of Christ
The Lord Is My Shepherd

Grace Defined

The Birth Of Christ

The Testing Of Your Faith
A Study Of Joseph
Thy Will Be Done

There's A Great Day Coming


The Fruit Of The Spirit

24 Hours

What Do You Look Forward To?

Why Should Bible Study Be So


How Is Your Patience?


Encouragement From

Jesus Loves Me, This I

The Home Of The Soul

Growing Close To God
The Miracles Of Elisha
The Miracle Of The Widow's Oil
Kyle Fox

The Miracle Of The Pottage
Jonathan Fox

The Miracle Of The Axhead
Nathan Zachary
Loyalty To God And His Word

Establishing Authority

Who Is This Man?

How Firm A Foundation

Examining The Validity Of

Overcoming Our Unclear Idols

Where Will We Be Standing?

True Love - Mt 22:36-40

The Praying Heart Of A Godly

Power Of The Chief Cornerstone

Attitudes That Cause Division

Ananias And Sapphira

The Danger Of Neglect

Does Authority Matter?

Who Knows?

Except Ye Repent

Elisha Feeds 100 Men

We Are Able

The Healing Of Naaman

You Are...

Where Is Demas?

Love Your Neighbor, Love
Your Enemy

Be Slow To Anger

Why Do We Sing? Part 1

Consequences Of Our Choices

Knowing And Obeying

Triumphing In Christ

He Is Coming

Ask, Seek And Knock

Who Is A Christian Part 1

Who Is A Christian Part 2

Our Attitude Toward Worship

It's My Right...?

The Blind Men Saw...

Apostasy & Restoration

Growing In 2017

Law And Liberty

Spirit And Flesh

Giving God Our Best

Loosening The Bond Of Satan

The Christian & Alcohol-Part 1

The Christian & Alcohol-Part 2

The Blessedness Of

Which Life Is Your Life?

Dwelling Together In Unity

The Bible, Inspiration &

Do It Now!

You Need Jesus...Why?

Take Heed Lest You Fall

The Call Of Wisdom

The Sin I Cannot Overcome

Am I A Procrastinator?

Satan's Goals

Thy Will Be Done

Knocking On The Door Of Our

The Dire Consequences Of

Hezekiah's Restoration

Evangelism, Our Duty

Have You Seen The Light?

Take Heed, Walk Carefully...

Improving Our Prayer Life

I Am Resolved...

What Is Truth?


The Christian Athlete

Bible Authority, Feelings &

Bible Authority, End Justify
The Means?

Hezekiah's Heart Purged

Does The Love Of Christ
Constrain Us?

Real Change In 2018

Be Strong In The Lord

I Am Ready

Let Us Make A Name For

Speaking Boldly For GOD

The Blood Of Jesus & Baptism

Revealing The Love Of Christ


Have You Forgotten?

This One Thing I Desire

In His Time

Give Us A King

Biblical Joy

Divorce For Any Cause???

Making Choices Within God's

The Coming Savior

Why? They Know Not GOD...

Manasseh's Apostasy &

Jehoram's Wicked Reign In

Going To Church??

Let Brotherly Love Continue

Three Kings Of Israel

A Mother's Love


The Healing Of The Deaf Mute

Jehovah Vs Baal

Listen My Son...

Practicing The Golden Rule

Two Are Better Than One

All Roads Lead To Heaven?

GOD Is In Control

Blessings For The Faithful

GOD Looks At The Heart

Redeeming The Time

Being Watchful To This End

This Is Holy Ground


Have We Seared Our

Evangelism, The Power Is In
The Word

There Is Room In The Kingdom

Be A Pattern

Lessons From Jesus
Choosing The Twelve

Blaspheming The Holy Spirit

That Ye Be Not Judged

The Roman Centurion

Removing Those Things That
Hinder Us

The Challenge To Follow

The Urgency Of Baptism

The Struggle Of Addiction

Edification In The Church

Is Thy Heart Right With GOD?

Edifying The Shepherds

Because I Have Hope In GOD

Open Your Eyes

Jehonadab And The Rechbites

A New Creation In Christ

The Necessity Of Unity

Clothed With Humility

Being A Servant In God's

Being A Servant, Going Beyond

A Peculiar People, We Have A

A Peculiar People, Be Ye

It Is Written...

It Is Written...

Change Is Hard!

The Son Of Man Must...

Relevancy Of The Scriptures

Unalterable Faith

Daniel's Prayer Of Repentance

Why Bother? Eccl. 1:1-12

Nebuchadnezzar's 2nd Dream

Applying Asa's Actions

Daniel's Vision, The Power Of
God's Touch
Obedience: One Thing
Acceptance: Added Such As
Should Be Saved
Perception: Changing Yourself
Dedication: 5 Things That
Crucified Christ
Endurance: Does The Lord
Require Too Much?
Verlin Cox
Psalm 9: The Lord Will Be A

The Rich Fool
Jeff Padgett
An Officials Son

Lesson From The Fig Tree

The Lord Your God Is With

Heirs According To The

An Inheritance Incorruptible

What Would I Do?

A Loving Father's Plan For
His People

The Old Story

Philemon, Giving & Receiving

They Did What They Could
Jamie Baker
Protecting Our Greatest

The Death Of Jesus

The History Of Christmas

Heaven Or Hell-Where Are
You Going?

Personal Evangelism-Why
So Hard?

If I Were The Devil

Understanding The Passover

Go Up You Bald Head

The Trail To Life
Jay Dixon
The Voice Of Miracles

The Voice Of Miracles Part 1

The Voice Of Miracles Part 2

The Voice Of Miracles Part 3
Mark Pape
Hungering And Thirsting

Nature Of The Eternal Kingdom

Drawing The Line

The Voice Of The Empty Tomb
Lessons From The
Miracles Of Jesus
Jesus Walks On Water
Chris Coffey

Jesus Cleanses 10 Lepers
Matt Arnold

Jesus Heals A Blind Man
Philip Keathley
Kyle Withers, Chase
Byers, Doug Byers
Lee Wildman
Saved By Grace

Traditions And Truth

Worshipping Like David

The Power Of Example

God Rules!
Chase Byers
Our Thoughts, Our Downfall

The Justice Of God
Jay Dixon
Fruit Of The Spirit
Fruit Of The Spirit-Love

Fruit Of The Spirit-Joy

Fruit Of The Spirit-Peace

Fruit Of The Spirit-Faithfulness

Fruit Of The Spirit-Meekness

Fruit Of The Spirit-Self Control

True Worship & The Way Of Life

True Worship & Its Enemies

True Worship & The Spirit Father

True Worship & The Balanced
Wayde Miller
Fall 2017 Lectures
Parables Of Jesus
The Parable Of The Talents
Darren Steele

The Parable Of The Sower  
Jason Pieratt

The Parable Of The Rich Fool
David Wheeler
Fall 2017 Meeting
Wilson Adams

Sacred Marriage

In Search Of Significance With
Your Kids

The Verse That Will Change Your

When Is Enough, Enough?

Get Out Of The Boat
Cain Atkinson
The God Of Truth

Hezekiah Study, Part 2

Be Wary Of Wolves
Kyle Fox
Hezekiah Study, Part 1

The Problem Of Evil
Jay Dixon
Armor Of God Series
quipping For The Battle

Girt About With Truth

The Breastplate Of Righteousness

Gospel Shoes Of Peace

Taking Up The Shield Of Faith

Take Up The Helmet Of Salvation

Take Up The Sword Of The Spirit

Being Watchful To This End
Spring 2018 Meeting
Danny Allen

Continuing To Obey

Counting The Cost Of Discipleship

The Beauty Of Kindness

Making The Commitment

Crucified With Christ Only
David Hoover
One Precious Soul
Jim Stauffer

Who Are We?

Effectual Fervent Prayer

Biblical Morality

Do You Know Jesus?

Behold The Kingdom!
Summer 2018 Lectures
Tell Me The Story Of Jesus
The Birth Of Jesus
David Alford

The Life Of Jesus
Doug Lancaster

The Death Of Jesus
Steve Hardin
Fall 2018 Meeting
Rodney Pitts      
Issues That Divide Us

Attitudes Toward Bible Authority

The Social Gospel


The Limits Of Benevolence

The Sponsoring Church
Jay Dixon
GOD Is ... Series

GOD Is Eternal

GOD Is Omnipotent

GOD Is Omniscient

GOD Is Omnipresent

GOD Is Just

GOD Is Good

GOD Is Merciful

GOD Is Faithful

GOD Is Love
Robert Speer

The Home And Family
Dale Adams

Dangers In A Digital World

Fathers Being Leaders In The
Spring 2019 Meeting
John Zellner

We Are Not Able

Rahab The Harlot

The Battle Is The LORD's

Living In Naaman's House

What Happened To Judas?
J.T. Miller

Enduring And Persevering
Jay Dixon
Letting Go ... Series

Letting Go Of Worry

Letting Go Of Pride

Letting Go Of Anger

Letting Go Of Negativity

Letting Go Of Gossip
David Lanius

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

New Testament Preaching

The Empty Tomb

The Certified Gospel
Jay Dixon
New Testament Church

New Testament Church Basics, Part 1

New Testament Church Basics, Part 2

New Testament Church Basics, Part 3
Summer 2019 Lectures
The Parables Of Jesus
The Unforgiving Servant
Kyle Blevins

The Lost Sheep
Chris Fleming

The Wedding Feast
David Dodd
Fall 2019 Meeting
Lee Wildman

Preaching An Unknown God

A Sermon About Nothing

Life In The Tabernacle

Jesus, Lamb Of God

Do We Know Jesus?